This is our story

We created Wholly Fueled for busy, goal-focused women like us who NEED high energy. Women who want to fuel their bodies to accomplish their life and fitness goals. Women who insist on being the best version of themselves today and tomorrow, and look good doing it.

No more looking in the rear-view mirror, girlfriend. We're about to make your 20-year-old self envious of how you look and feel today.

Meet Lauren Valentino

"I believe every woman deserves to feel strong, sexy and confident AF.. without giving up her life to do it" That's why I developed Wholly Fueled. I know that you will never need to look at another food and fitness plan again. How can I make such a bold claim?

Well, first off, Hey Babe! I'm Lauren Valentino.

I've spent the last 14 years helping literally thousands of women who were unhappy with their bodies get leaner, stronger, and feeling oh so much sexier. And get this... I help them keep it.

As an IFBB Figure Competitor, Nutrition Coach, and TruFit Gym Co-Owner I understand the ins and outs of what it takes to transform your body. But you're not going to have to train or diet as strictly as I do to get the body you want. Wholly Fueled is designed for the everyday busy woman juggling a career and family, just like I am.

We don't do gimmicks. Our plan provides consistent belly-fat-melting recipes that are easy to make and taste like they were created by a chef (because they were!). Meanwhile, our workouts will have you sporting toned arms, a tighter waist, and a lifted bubble booty your lover will have a hard time keeping their hands off. And it's been my secret passion to make this same nutrition advice widely available to women everywhere. That's how Wholly Fueled was born.

Aside from running my personal coaching businesses, my Dobi K9 cardio partner and my 2 full-throttle boys absorb all my extra energy.

Meet   Taylor Banford

"I am the slayer of boring food and workouts. My three greatest passions in life are food, fitness, and everything artistic.

As an artist, I infuse creativity into food and fitness. You may have seen me on The Food Networks' Wedding Cake Challenge (TWICE!). So there's not much you can throw at me that I can't turn into something delicious.

As a busy wife and mom of two kids and two dogs, I tap into my inner child to keep YOUR food and workouts exciting and anything but boring.

Let's crush this together."


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