SANTA IS WATCHING HIS WEIGHT THIS YEAR... AND SO SHOULD WE I'm sharing four of my favorite HEALTHY cookie recipes that are pure crowd pleasers!

For as long as I can remember I've always had some form of Oatmeal for breakfast. As a kid, I remember falling in love with the sugar-loaded, instant, brown package, single servings of Quaker Peaches and Cream! As an adult, my oats have evolved into being MUCH healthier.

Whether you hopped onto the Game Chargers bandwagon and are proudly waving a vegan flag or you were the first one to nosh on a tomahawk steak and show up for the Chris Kresser Game Changers Debunk, Plant Based Protein is all the talk lately.

Something about hot summer days makes me crave a creative salad. Summer salads are the perfect crowd-pleasing dish for a fast throw together meal. Plus with all the fresh seasonal fruits and veggies available there are endless salad combos at your fingertips.