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Hey there, ladies! I get asked ALL THE TIME for tips and tricks on travel while honoring commitments you've made to yourself on living a healthy life, without unraveling the efforts you've made in the gym & kitchen.

There is nothing worse than opening up your bottom drawer with excitement about that first 80-degree sun-shiny day to grab a pair of shorts, only to get them to your knees before they're stuck!!

Low or no appetite
Struggling with milk supply if breastfeedingLower hormone levelsNegative sleep changes like waking up multiple times during the nightWaking up hungry during the night Difficulty regulating blood sugarLow motivation and energyDigestion problems, GI issuesConstantly hungry, never feeling full or satiated after eating, and/or...

When I look at overall female health and wellness, I strive to help women achieve optimal in ALL areas of their lives. Not just fit into their skinny jeans and feel sexy in a swimsuit but much more holistic than that. I want women to sleep well, to digest well, to cycle normally without symptoms, to poop well, and to have a hearty libido. ...

I struggled with how to make this blog sexy, exciting, and worth the read... I mean it's walking. We're talking about one foot in front of the other. So basic. So boring. Yet sooooooo underrated in so many ways... Let me share why.

If you're ready to gain lean muscle and melt off body fat, while bouncing around with the energy of a toddler high on a lollipops, then you HAVE to have a basic understanding of macronutrients and the role they play in making sure you're not scraping your tired saggy self off the gym floor after your next group fitness class. ...

Impulsive hunger and excessive eating are common goal crushers that many people can't seem to conquer when working to reach their weight loss goals. Today I'm going to help you shelf those "snack attacks" by sharing 9 lifestyle choices that are common causes of hunger.


SANTA IS WATCHING HIS WEIGHT THIS YEAR... AND SO SHOULD WE I'm sharing four of my favorite HEALTHY cookie recipes that are pure crowd pleasers!

The Skinny On Losing Body Fat... We all have been there!! We have been at a spot where we are trying to lose body fat and we are working hard!! Exercising, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and then BAM!!! Wake up one morning and head to the scale expecting a victory only to be totally devastated by the...

In this blog post, I am going to share with you MY PERSONAL TOP 5 do's and don't's of burning extra body-fat, without eating boring food and camping out at the gym!

I'm excited to share with you some of my favorite ways to help give or restore the boundless energy you had as a kiddo hyped up on candy!

We love Costco! The amount of amazing food finds within the walls of this bulk food mecca never disappoints! Do not go shopping hungry or you may find yourself coming home with way more than your fridge and pantry can handle...ask us how we know.