Shed 10, Tone Your Muscles, Lift the Tush, and Sculpt Your Arms in Only 28 Days…

Without Having to Give Up All Your Favorite Foods 😲

Summer's coming in fast and that means bathing suits, picnics, vacations, family photos, weddings, class reunions, and maybe even a revenge body.

And in 28 days you too can get these results.

Dread going into summer feeling frumpy...

Tired of hiding from having your photo taken

and then never being in family photos?

Can't bear the thought of eating

dried chicken breast and broccoli every damn meal?

Don't. Because we've got your back…

…and butt

…and waist

…and upper arms

Busy Women's 28-Day Food & Fitness Challenge

Let the Gurus do 

the work for you!

Designed by a Nutritionist

Made Delicious by a Chef

We know the pain of shopping for a bikini in the spring under fluorescent lights and how it leaves you...crying in a Target dressing room.

We also know that starting a new health plan is way less fun than watching trashy TV on the couch, especially when you're juggling work and home responsibilities.

Eating right to fuel your fitness level can feel like another job...daunting. That's where we show up and save your whole damn life!

Our Bikini Bod Blitz menus are [hella fast to cook] mapped out with the "perfect macronutrient" to upgrade your energy levels to feel incredible (and look damn good)

Here's How You Strut into Summer in Your Bikini (With No Cover Up On)


  • Delicious, Quick Easy, Batch Cook Recipes, with substitution guide to swap in your favorite foods and still hit your caloric deficit
  • Organized Weekly Grocery List
  • 4 Weeks of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner meals your family will want to eat


  • No-Equipment 30-minute LIVE workouts
  • In-The-Gym & At Home Strength Training
  • Weekly Cardio Guides for Short Attention Spans


  • AM & PM Check-Ins For Brain Hacks & Booty Smacks [mindset & accountability]
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions To Answer All Your Questions
  • Instant Girl Gang Support From Other Women Across the Globe

See the food plan before you decide

Our members free up 7 hours a week with ONE 2-hour batch cooking session on Sunday. Seriously! We had them time it.

At a certain age, we can't exercise those extra pounds off anymore, so it's about the food now.

Plus, science shows that when you love the food you eat, you're more likely to lose weight and keep it off.

But…you don't have to give up ALL the foods you love or eat things you don't like.

Like Michelle, almost all of our BBB alumni discover new recipes that will forever be in rotation now.

Junk food with no nutrient value is off the table, but YOU GET RESULTS without ever having to eat anything you don't like with easy meal plan substitutions.

The food turned out to be the most popular part of our program, outside of the RESULTS.

Your Dungeon Masters! j/k we're nice

Lauren Valentino & Taylor Banford

Hey, we're Lauren and Taylor, and we don't just hand you a menu and set you loose. 


Because that sh*t doesn't work!We know a thing or two, between the IFBB Figure Pro stage and airing on The Food Network Cake Wars [twice] the two of us have plenty of time flexing or skills in the spotlight.

We know a foolproof plan... wins!

Our plan provides consistent belly-fat-melting recipes that are easy to make, gimmick-free, and taste like they were created by a chef. Because they were!

Meanwhile, our workouts will have you sporting toned arms, a tighter waist, and a lifted bubble booty your lover will have a hard time keeping their hands off.

We've spent A RIDICULOUS amount of time perfecting this process so you can hit the ground running and look better wearing less.

You don't have to work out alone anymore. You got this… and we got you!

But Don't Just Believe Us...

"Thankful for this community which has helped me get stronger this year and able to do things I never imagined I'd be capable of doing"

April P. 

" This is an amazing program! If anyone is interested in getting in shape quickly this is the program. For best results, it does take discipline but Tay and LV show you the way and coach you through it. Don't hesitate! 💪💪💪

Monica A.

"I stood on the beach in my bathing suit yesterday without covering up, feeling the need to sit, or hide my body."

Jodie A.

Meal Plans, Grocery List, Cooking Instructions, and Macros delivered to your inbox weekly!

Free up 7 hours of your week with less then 2 hrs of batch cooking on Sunday.

Meet The Fitness Squad

Hannah Leming

Hey y'all! It's a beautiful day to move your body!

I'm Hannah, a 29-year-old Mama and my purpose in the fitness industry is to help you feel empowered through movement and create a healthy routine for your body and mind!

From personal struggles with eating disorders and body dysmorphia for most of my twenties, plus postpartum hormones and body changes, I've learned how important movement is for your physical and mental health! I want to help you eliminate excuses and show you, you CAN gain back all your confidence and build that bangin' body you want through STRENGTH TRAINING!!

I will help you feel and look like the badass, sexy, and powerful woman you are! And with me, you're going to have fun doing it. I am happy you're here, WE are happy you're here! GET READY TO BE SHREDDY!!

Jan Bowman

Hi, I'm Jan-

Before we get sweaty together… here's a little about me to connect with.

Originally a CA girl, but made the east coast of Wilmington, NC my home.

I'm a mom to three [adult] sons, wife, artist, community/school volunteer, and beach lover. However, the love for fitness courses thru my veins.

I'm a BBB participant, and "Wholly Fueled lifer". 😉

The past 9 years, I've had the best job -teaching group fitness.

My certifications include Pilates, Les Mills Body Pump/Combat, Silver Sneakers, and more.

Sharing fitness it with others, especially women, lights me up!!

In connecting with others thru movement I can spark joy, help fuel confidence, encourage a healthy lifestyle, push someone to believe deeply in themselves, share laughter, or lighten their day with my corny sense of humor.

Full circle positive energy is what it's all about!

I am looking forward to infusing my energy into your life! The abs, and booty gains are an added bonus 😉.


Have Questions?

We Have an Answer!

1. Do I get LIVE coaching from Lauren & Taylor?

Yes! (Seriously? Like you could get rid of us?!) With a 28-day emersion.. we're in your pocket daily, rewiring your thought patterns, eating, and movement habits. We are LIVE weekly as well for coaching and Q&A

2. What if I have food allergies, or am a picky eater?

Girl, please! We have an entire PDF of easy substitutes just for you!

3. What if I don't have a lot of extra time?

Tah! We don't either! We're busy working moms... we designed this program to maximize your minutes to results rendering activites.

4. Do you have gluten free, dairy free, or vegan options?

We are a gluten-free & dairy-free company. However, we do believe in using animal and plant-based protein!