12 Ways to Improve Your Energy


I'm excited to share with you some of my favorite ways to help give or restore the boundless energy you had as a kiddo hyped up on candy!

Cause let's be honest, having low energy is exhausting. (Pun Intended) Meeting the demands of life can leave you feeling like you're running on empty, and we don't have time to be less than fabulous.

When we have plenty of energy to complete our tasks, have focused mental clarity at work, get some exercise, wholeheartedly play with our kids, do some Cinderella duties, and even have some left in the tank for our significant other, or phone chats with mom after kids are in bed... that my friend is called #winning!

If it made you tired just reading this, then read on my friend, this blogs for you!

Today I'm sharing my top 12 strategies to get endless energy back in your life!

When it comes to having boundless high energy and hopping around like Tigger in a Winnie-the-Pooh movie, there is always one straw that broke the camels back. However, there were lots of 'other straws' that contributed to the problem.

Low energy tends to be a cascading thing, so be patient with yourself as you put your pieces together.

Here is a quick list to troubleshoot energy levels naturally:

Lifestyle Energy Fix List

  1. Sleep: The overlooked, and unappreciated healer of almost everything is SLEEP! Aim for a solid 7-9hours. How's your mattress? We spend 1/3 of our lives asleep, make sure it's on something awesome. Make sure you're not sabotaging sleep by drinking caffeine too late in the day. Wind down with some chamomile tea, and catch some zzzzz's
  2. Water: Especially in the sunny summertime where were sweating our faces off, dehydration can suck the zip zap right out of us. Drink up buttercup!
  3. Minerals/Electrolytes: Again, especially in the summertime, but all the time if you're a frequent flyer at the gym. Minerals are required for every single metabolic function in our bodies. Salt your food and grab some high-quality mineral to-go packs. I use 'Revitalize' in my supplement section, you will get 10$ off at checkout (kit.com/laurenvalentino)
  4. Insufficient Food/ Insufficient Carbs: High-level athletes, high-level mommas, high-level thinkers, etc. need high-level nutrition. Are you getting enough calories and carbs to run like a high-level life?
  5. Caffeine: Girl, caffeine is your best friend until it stabs you in the back! Caffeine can be a key player in a healthy lifestyle. But over-utilized in massive amounts it's a throat punch to your hormones and adrenal glands. Too much caffeine will also keep you up and night, thus continuing the cycle. I limit my clients to 20oz. daily or below 200mg should be enough to live your best life, promise.
  6. Overtraining: More isn't always better. The body was made to be on the go but wasn't made for high intensity pounding daily. Let your heavy lifting/high-intensity days stay at 2-3days per week. Maybe another 2 at a mid-pace, that leaves 2 days to hit 10K steps or go thru some yoga flow. Remember, its all about balance. The best racehorse in the world doesn't race its fastest race daily, otherwise, it's a career that's short-lived.
  7. Nutrition Timing: This one will getcha if you don't have a plan. We're all busy and on the go. Eat breakfast! Plan 3-5 meals per day, every few hours, balanced in protein/carbs/veggies/healthy fats/fiber staying away from items that are processed.
  8. Start your Day with 5-10min of Meditation: Don't underestimate the power of taking 10min and spending it in prayer, positive affirmations, or meditation. What we think about, we bring about. Where our mind goes, our energy flows. Mindset matters if you're going to show up in life as a lady boss!

Supplements Energy Fix List

*Digging a little deeper... Let me start by saying that I suggest that you work with a naturopathic doctor or quality healthcare physician on assessing updated labs and advising supplementation if you're experiencing chronic energy depletion. Here are a few areas that could be suffering.

  1. Low Iron: heavy monthly Menstruation can contribute to low iron. Especially if your diet is void of red meat and spinach or leafy greens.
  2. Vitamin B: Vitamin B (esp B12) plays a role in energy production and metabolism, as well as neurological function.
  3. Vitamin D: Low Vitamin D can have us feeling low energy and lethargic. This is something we should pay a little more attention to even in the summertime if were conscientious about wearing our sunscreen, floppy hats, and cover-ups.
  4. Sluggish Thyroid: Tired, can't lose weight, brain fog, zero sex drive, thinning hair? Has your doc taken a close look at your thyroid? Google search "optimal thyroid values". Make sure your doc runs a full thyroid panel to see that your thyroid is functioning well.

How are you weighing in on the Energy Hit List? Questions or comments? Drop them below.

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