A Guide to Hitting Your Macronutrient Goals



PROTEIN (said in my very best Arnold voice)


Let's talk about it.

One of my favorite little sayings which I like to think I've made famous... Is, "when we know better, we choose better".

Repeat after me:

Protein does not make me bulky, it makes me pretty!

Protein does not make me bulky, it makes me pretty!

Protein does not make me bulky, it makes me pretty!

A little science first.

Protein is a macronutrient which means that the body needs relatively large amounts of it. 'Protein' is made up of smaller molecules called amino acids. There are 20 amino acids and 9 are essential to your diet because the cells in your body can't make them on their own.


You're running a business. The businesses name is PROTEIN.

PROTEIN has 20 employees (Amino Acids)

Of the AMINO ACID, there are 9 full-time employees, ESSENTIAL AA

We need these 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS to show up for our business to function smoothly.

Make sense?

What does Protein do exactly? The list of benefits is so massive I truly can't list them all in this blog post but lets hit the highlights.

  • Protein controls your appetite
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Hair and Nails are almost 100% protein
  • Tissue Repair- hello Collagen
  • Building blocks for bones, muscle, cartilage, skin, & blood
  • Build muscle tissue
  • Boosts immune system
  • Protein makes enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals
  • Optimal Brain Function requires protein for neurotransmitter function

My Translation: Protein = YOUTH

Our bodies are in constant repair mode. Repair from environmental factors, toxins, free radicals, sun damage, excessive drinking, stress, exercise, and normal cell repair and turn over. (plus many more)

As mentioned a minute ago, protein is needed for muscle repair. Protein rebuilds the muscle broken down. The concept of protein making you bulky has WAY more to do with the way your training vs. eating enough protein. Protein is what gives you tone and firmness to your body. Protein is what makes things not jiggle

Giving your body enough protein to repair when it's needed is just smart!

Now that you're convinced, how much protein should you eat?

  • Activity level + personal goalzzzz matter
  • Chances are if you're not tracking, you're not getting enough.
  • Consider getting one gram per lb. of body weight.
  • Looking to lose body fat? Aim for 1gram at your target weight
  • Looking to gain muscle? Aim for 1.25 grams per lb.
  • If you're nowhere close, increase gradually!

A word on digestion.

  • Most people don't produce enough stomach acid.
  • Consider a digestive enzyme (I use one 2x per day )
  • Consider kicking your Whey to the curb. (whey/dairy intolerance is common) If you refuse to do that, look for a grass-fed version with few ingredients. (I also believe in eating vs. drinking your nutrition, try to limit to one shake per day)
  • Last, but maybe the most important. Protein digestion starts in the gut (whereas other macronutrients start in the mouth with saliva) so CHEW your food. Your gut will thank you!

How many grams of protein are you getting daily?

Not sure how much you're getting?

Download my fitness pal and start tracking!

Need some suggestions on how to 'boss it up' in the kitchen with your protein prep? Check out my three favorite 'must haves' for your kitchen. These items help you prep with SPEED + cook your protein perfect each time.

Instapot is magical! It pressure cooks proteins super fast without drying them out. You can even take frozen proteins and have them ready to serve to the family in under an hour! This is a total gamechanger for the human that doesn't want to spend their lives in the kitchen. Also, tons of fantastic, family-pleasing recipes are easy to find on Pinterest.

Check out the full details and versatility of this bad boy on Amazon.

My next favorite is the T-Fal grill. I call it my smart grill. You just turn it on and set the button to what type of protein your grilling (chicken, turkey, steak, etc.) It lets you know by the color dial when it's rare, medium rare, medium, well done. You literally CAN'T mess up using this grill. Plus, it's super easy to clean. Small enough to easily store.

My other favorite go-to is my Ninja air fryer. It is so versatile that you can cook your proteins and veggies. So fast, so healthy. Read the full details