Costco Shopping Trip: Our Must-Have Grabs!


Costco! Costco! Costco!

We love Costco! The amount of amazing food finds within the walls of this bulk food mecca never disappoints! Do not go shopping hungry or you may find yourself coming home with way more than your fridge and pantry can handle...ask us how we know.

Big bulk wins are found with the wide selection of produce, protein, seafood, and freezer finds!

Protein makes you pretty!

The selection of organic, healthy protein options at Costco is hands-down worth the yearly membership. I'm going to break down our favorites and why they make it onto the shopping list...

  • Organic Chicken Breasts - The best price available on this versatile meal prep staple! Plus it is packaged so that you can put it straight in the freezer when you stock up.
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs - We kinda felt like we were punking out by purchasing ready-to-eat hard-boiled eggs, but we proved ourselves wrong and fell in love with these pre-packaged, perfectly cooked, packs of happiness.
  • Seafood - The frozen section holds a wide variety of fish, shrimp, and scallops (many wild-caught options) and most of the frozen fish is individually wrapped for mess-free thawing. In the fresh fish section, you can grab whole fillets of beautiful seasonal seafood and divide it up in the best portions for you!
  • Ground Turkey + Ground Bison - These meal prep staples are just waiting for you to grab them up in perfectly portioned packs.
  • Turkey Bacon - The good kind! Nitrite + nitrate free! Plus it actually tastes delish vs the turkey bacon that you typically see. You know the kind I'm talking looks like craft paper and tastes like cardboard. Once you add this turkey bacon to your morning you will never go back!
  • No time to cook? - Grab shrimp cocktail packs or rotisserie chicken and you're DONE!
  • Focused on a plant-based diet? - Enter the produce section and you will enter veggie heaven! Organic spinach, pre-washed organic celery, juicy organic blueberries, organic fuji apples. We love it all!

Go shopping with us for all of our favorite Costco finds!

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See you next week!


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