Embracing Carbs: A Love Story & the Art of Carb Timing


Let's kick off this discussion with a bold statement—Carbs are not bad, but you do need the facts on how/when to use them while getting lean!

Now, pull up a chair, and let's dive into the wonderful world of carbohydrates and the strength they bring to our nutritional journey.

Carbs 101: Breaking Down the Trifecta

Carbohydrates, our beloved carbs, are composed of three parts: fiber (complex), starch (complex), and sugar (simple). The quality of a carb depends on the ratio of these components. Before we jump into the love affair with carbs, let's clear the air. If you're leading a sedentary lifestyle, continuously fueling up on carbs might lead to unwanted body fat. It's like filling up a parked car with gas—it just doesn't make sense. However, when understood and utilized correctly, carbs become our reliable source of energy.

"Good Carb" vs. "Bad Carb" Drama

Let's soften our judgment a bit, shall we? Instead of labeling them good or bad, let's go for high quality versus low quality. Balancing our intake is key—opting for high-quality carbs for daily fuel but leaving room for the occasional indulgence in low-quality carbs on special occasions. Life is about balance, and a good balance comes from knowing how to use food to our advantage to meet our goals.

Timing is Everything

Now, onto the sweet spot—timing. When we eat high-quality carbs matter just as much as what we eat. Here are the three best times to indulge in these delightful energy providers:

    1. Breakfast: Your body craves energy and glucose after a night's sleep. Start your day with the right carbs to kickstart your body into action. My go-to breakfast always includes a mix of protein and carbs.

    2. Before Your Workout: Pre-workout supplements are optional; focus on including complex carbs in your pre-workout meal for sustained energy during your exercise session.

    3. Post Workout: After the sweat session, replenishing glycogen stores in the muscles is crucial. Carbs come to the rescue here, aiding in a quicker recovery.

Here's my two cents for active females tracking their nutrition—aim for a minimum of 80 grams, but upwards to 200 grams of carbs daily. The carb metabolism game can vary based on factors like activity level, stress, genetics, and more.

Remember, carbs are not just about energy; they play a vital role in workout recovery, healthy hormone function, and maintaining good digestion through fiber intake.

Ensure you're getting at least 25 grams of fiber daily for those healthy, daily bathroom habits.

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Carb love, my friends!

LV 🤍