How to Get Your Nutrition Back on Track


Today, I'm going to share with you guys a very powerful tool that I use inside of my one on one coaching business to help my clients get back on track once they "fall off the wagon."

Okay, so life happens, right? I mean, it's highly inconvenient for anyone to get married while we're perfectly tracking our macros.

It's also highly inconvenient for our child to have a birthday and require some cake when we are really crushing our fitness goals. Ammmiright?!?!

You guys know I'm only joking. However, life happens, and what I see from time to time is extreme devastation in my clients' brains once they "fall off the wagon."

I'm going to share with you a technique that I use with massive success of how to reframe your brain if you slip a little bit, or if you had one too many glasses of wine, OR if you ate the cake AND had your ice cream too.

Life is totally meant to be lived! I'm going to share with you a little mindset trick for you to continue tracking towards your goal with massive success.


I have this conversation frequently with my clients where they have something come up, whether it's planned or not, whether it is a birthday or something that just came up, they had a layover, they're stuck in an airport, life happened.

They made some choices that weren't aligned with what they had in their brains as 'their plan' and wasn't the optimal thing for them to do to move forward to their goals.

I'm going to share some situations because I think that you will be able to relate to this, and I think that stories and situations are super powerful.

I had a client and we were talking close to Christmas. She had a lot of pressure with business and travel. She's a mama, she's lady boss entrepreneur. She had made incredible, incredible, success towards her goals.

She was eating healthy, doing her workouts and cardio as scheduled, and she was loving her changes. She was tracking massive strides toward her ultimate goal.

When we got on the phone for our weekly appointment she says to me, "it's just too hard right now! I think I'm going to pull back and just restart in the New Year." Mind you she had invested huge amounts of time in towards her goal.

I'm going to show the tool I used to help her. This is exactly what you will use next time you're in the situation.

Picture a glass jar and we'll call this your goal jar. For every 'quality choice' you make towards your goal imagine that you drop a silver coin into that jar.

So you understand the visual, every single good quality choice that you make every day you're filling your goal bank with SILVER investments.

Instead of a cinnamon bun for breakfast, you had your eggs and oatmeal, quarter. For the cardio that you did, quarter. For the workout training session that you showed up to, quarter. This is how it goes. This is your body, this is your investment jar towards your goal.

Anyway, you get my point. Everything that is silver and high value is moving you closer towards your goal.

Now, this client of mine had racked up weeks of quality choice. I mean I probably would need a bigger jar to calculate all the awesome choices that she had made.

What happened to her is she had ONE isolated event where she was stuck in the airport. She maybe had three meals that were 'off' her plan. This completely messed with her brain. She felt failure.

Now, we're going to use pennies to represent 'not so good choices.' Holding the same jar, I'm going to add 3 pennies in the goal jar. These represent the 'low value' choices we make. She was ready to throw in the towel on months of hard work because of those three pennies.

But, this is what actually happens. You take this and this is all the good choices and you have three not so great choices in there. Now, mentally visually in your brain, shake the jar up. Go ahead, give it a good shake! Guess what?

Where's those pennies? YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THEM!

And so, if she were to have decided, and she did after sharing this analogy, to continue to put more silver, high-quality choices into her bank, towards her goal, then you never see those pennies.

What happens with this is that the majority of our choices add up and the majority wins. That is what we see in the physical manifestation of the choices. You can look at someone and you can tell if their choices are 'silver' quality choices or if they're 'penny' low value choices.

Now, if you're tracking towards your goal and you have half and half, you're going to see that. But, if you are majority good quality choices and you're adding to this bank every single day, then you don't see the few not so good choices.

I'm going to give you permission to enjoy your life! Enjoy those memorable important life events. Don't let those unplanned things stress you out. If your jar is full of daily, consistent quality choices then your small 'blips' will never show. Move forward adding silver, continue to move forward towards your goals and crush them.

I hope you enjoyed this analogy today. If you are getting value, leave me a comment below. Make sure you like and subscribe so you don't miss anything, and I will see you next week.

LV <3