Meal Prep Guide: Nutritionist Approved Lunches for 7 days, in less than 30 min!


Changing how we eat can feel difficult. And confusing.

However, can we agree that nothing is worse than logging hours of fitness activity each week to see minimal or no results!

If you are checking the box on getting in your physical activity, the secret to getting your metabolism and hormones to work WITH you is directly connected to what you put in your mouth!

Whether you're focused on building your strongest body this year or losing extra body fat one of the best habits for you to hone in on first is prepping your lunches for the week.

Most health-focused women seem to lean into a healthy breakfast. However, lunches can send us rockin' progress right off the rails with a calorie-heavy, carb spike or sugar-loaded turn for the worst.

After 14 years of helping women get and keep the body of their dreams, I'm here to assure you that THIS is the best first step in seeing the results you've been sweating for.

*side note in case you're not on board...with monthly food prices resembling your mortgage costs. Prepping your lunches will not only make you leaner, but richer! (who says you can't have it all, LOL)

The recipes I'm sharing today I guarantee you can prep 7 lunches for the price of buying one lunch out!

I've chosen 3 perfectly macro-balanced lunches from our Wholly Fueled's Fit Foodie Program (yes, you can come join our community anytime)


  1. Hop into your kitchen on Sunday afternoon. Carve out 30 min.
  2. Choose and cook one of the recipes.
  3. Most valuable step is to go ahead and portion out your seven days of meals in their separate dishes. Hello healthy "fast food!" Trust me on this step. Adding even 2 minutes to a busy morning to portion this out is not an option when you're racing traffic and time.

Here is a link to the perfect-sized silicone-wrapped glass containers we love. Please don't heat your food in plastic if you can avoid it. Yes, even BPA-free is not ideal for reheating. Check them out here:

Next, I put 3 of my 7 meals in the freezer to keep them fresh by the end of the week. I move them over to my refrigerator on Thursday and let them naturally defrost. Easy peasy.


As always, drop your questions, happy comments, or favorite recipe from my list below. I love to interact with you all!


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