The Skinny on Losing Body Fat


The Skinny On Losing Body Fat... We all have been there!! We have been at a spot where we are trying to lose body fat and we are working hard!! Exercising, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and then BAM!!! Wake up one morning and head to the scale expecting a victory only to be totally devastated by the number on the scale!! If we're being honest, our day is ruined!

You recount your efforts. You have been tracking on your plan, you've been drinking your water, you've been seeing someone to work out, you have been on a mission.

And yet, you get up in the morning, you're excited, you go to weigh, and you're up like 0.2.

Day now devastated! We can even drop weight one day & then go back up the next day, it can be super frustrating!

I'm going to share with you The Skinny On Losing Body Fat and what actually happens during fat loss so that you will never be devastated again and you will know exactly what to think of the scale. And you're going to take it with a grain of salt, maybe literally.

We're going to talk about fat loss and how the body loses fat. You're going to find this pretty interesting and you're probably never going to view weight loss the same again.


As you're growing and developing, your body's making fat cells, it's not a bad thing. We need them for energy. We need them to function.

However, once we're done growing. Fat Cells grow and develop as we ingest more energy (food) than our body uses. It's all about energy. If we ingest more energy than our body uses, then our fat cells expand.

Now the same thing happens if we continue on and we aren't burning energy. We're just ingesting more energy than what our body needs. It doesn't matter if it's protein, carbs, or fats!

These fat cells just continue to get bigger. So, if we fully expand these fat cells, then they make more fat cells. That's where they start to have babies. So, they get bigger and they create more.

The flip side happens when we lose fat from our cells. Losing fat happens when we are expending more energy than what we are ingesting. So our bodies have to turn to our stored fat as an energy source. This is how our bodies lose weight.

I'm a nutritionist and I've been doing this for well over a decade, and I always love it during the first week where clients report back to me and they're like, "Yeah, I lost six pounds."

We always go through more rapid weight loss in the beginning. And what that actually is, is sodium and things that are easily excreted in our bodies that haven't found their home yet.

We're eating cleaner, we're eating healthier, we have less junk in our system that causes a release of swelling and holding water.

A lot of what we lose in the beginning is actually water weight. It is important to know that is normal, so that further down the path, you're not discouraged.

You're like, "Well, in the beginning, I lost five pounds. Why is my body not cooperating?" It's not that our body is not cooperating, it's doing everything perfectly we're just super impatient, and unrealistic about true fat loss!

We never really think, "Okay, how long did it actually take me to gain 10 pounds?" If the truth be told, it probably took you a longer period of time, right?

However, it's amazing how when we're working to get it off, we want it gone instantly. We're ughhh, "Two weeks, what do you mean? I should be right back where I want to be." It doesn't quite work like that.

Let me show you how it works.

It's really great to come at fat loss with a plan that is healthy, consistent, and supportive of what your brain needs and your body needs every day so that you don't experience a deficit... Going too tight on your calories with the ide to speed fat loss is where unhealthy eating patterns begin.

So check this out. You guys are never going to be bothered by a 0.2 on the scales ever again after I show you this.

The image above is our fat cells. When you eat more energy than you use, our fat cells become full of fat.

When you start eating healthier with fewer calories, the fat from your fat cells will leave to be used as energy making less fat in the cell. Initially, that space will be replaced with water to hold it's place in case you decide to go indulge.

It's an easy entry back into the cell as it just pushes that water right out. The fat goes in and the cell maintains.

If you continue on with your healthier lifestyle, eating healthy and exercising, more and more fat leaves the cells as it's used as energy. That fat is replaced with water fills in that cell.

When I'm working with women and their body weight hits a plateau, they'll tell me, "I can fit in my jeans easier, I see a big difference, but the scale is not telling me anything. What is going on?"

What happens is that this fat cell fills with water until it trusts that it's no longer needed. And then it flattens. LIKE A PANCAKE!

This is a process and it's not a fast one. It's how I teach my clients that I'm working with to look at weight loss.

I hope you got value from this and if you have any questions please put them in the comments below.

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LV <3