Is Dairy Making You Sick?


What type of milk is best for you?


What kind of milk is best for you???


Well... here's the cool thing about running a blog. You get to share your opinion with the world! This is my first post that will be controversial and I would like to start this by saying...

I respect your personal choices. I also respect you as a brilliant human being even if my knowledge, research, and views don't shift your lifestyle.

However, here is my unedited passionate opinion. I hope it opens you up to dig a little deeper for your health.

Cow's Milk

When you think of cows milk this image is probably what comes to your mind, as it did mine. A nice man, sitting on a wooden stool, nicely milking his 'pet cow'. However, this is nowhere close to the reality of what the dairy industry looks like. This is something that we have blindly accepted as nutritional. For as long as we remember we've had cows milk in our homes and available for every bowl of cereal and cookie that needed dipping. Answer me this... Would you go right now as an adult to suck on your mother's breast?? Yes, I realize that your face just twisted, and the thought alone is disgusting as an adult. However, you DO realize that's the milk that WAS made for you, human milk?!?

Ever wonder why in nature we don't see cats nursing from dogs? Or Elephant milk feeding koalas? Mammal milk is designed by nature to grow and mature the baby it was made for!

Only 4% of human adults have lactase (the enzyme needed to break down lactose) This enzyme naturally begins to dissipate in our bodies from 18months - 4years of age as we wean from 'mother's milk'. Ever wonder why Lactaid was invented?

Lactaid gives adult humans the enzyme so that they can digest milk without adverse side effects. There isn't anything wrong with your body... you're not supposed to be able to digest it as an adult!

Cows Milk facts

  • Cows are non-aggressive creatures that can mass produce milk. (dollar signs)
  • A single dairy cow produces 20,000 pounds of milk per year via continuous impregnation and milking.
  • Dairy cows normally live 25years, this process brings their lifespan down to 3!
  • Dairy produces mucus in our bodies
  • Calves grow from 90lbs at birth to over 2000lbs in their 2 years nursing...on grass and milk.... And it's not the grass responsible.
  • Dairy cows have to be in a birthing cycle to make milk (cue vision of the waterfall of bovine hormones you're ingesting) Ever wonder why 8-year-old girls have breasts? It's from ingesting the hormones given to their food binding to their 'female receptors' in their bodies.
  • Calcium... oh geez! Really? Orange Juice has the same amount of fortified calcium and has Vitamin D added for absorption. There are plenty of other ways to get your daily value of calcium.
  • Over milked cows utters become raw, bleed, and pus, and dead white blood cells... but machines keep milking. All that bacteria goes right into our milk and is pasteurized to destroy the bacteria along with the beneficial enzymes and the calcium.
  • Sickeningly, the U.S. Department of Agriculture allows high levels of pesticides found in dairy milk to pass government standards.
  • Through research conducted at Harvard, Yale, and Penn State a cumulative list of health problems were linked to the consumption of dairy products including, acne, ADHD, fibromyalgia, headaches, heartburn, indigestion, IBS, joint pain, osteoporosis, poor immune function, allergies, ear infections, colic, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, Crohn's, and even different types of cancers.

Once issues were discovered....

We started milking nuts, and soybeans, oats, and goats, peas, and hemp!

So here's the skinny on ALL the milk....

LV's Opinion:

  • Soy should be avoided... phytoestrogens... I'm not a chemist but extra estrogens are not something I willing to wing it on...
  • Coconut milk is a popular go-to for people who HAVE nut allergies. (Coconut is classified as a fruit even those FDA has it listed as a nut. Most people seem to do just fine even if they have a tree nut allergy.
  • The most nutrient dense kinds of milk are hemp and nut milk.
  • Oat milk is delish, however, it's heavy and not as nutrient dense so I think of it as a treat.
  • I purchase unflavored and unsweetened. I don't prefer vanillas and sweeteners added to my milk.

Lots of dairy-free kinds of milk contain gums and fillers that aren't that great for your health... (I will soon do a week on food additives)

Check out brands Elmhurst 1925 and Malk Organics. These are my go-to brands.

You could always make your own. I have done this once with my juicer.... While it was delish. I personally have to prioritize ALL THE THINGS.... And making my own milk didn't make the cut.

However, if you're into it... please make me some too while you're at it.

Check out devices like the Almond Cow Machine or other nut milking machines.

Comment below and tell us what's your favorite type of milk?