Wholly Fit In The Gym

The 'IN THE GYM' Guide To Build A Strong Confident YOU!

I'm giving you my best workout guides!


It's going to take work...I won't lie to you!

But what if for the first time ever...the WORK you put into your workouts ACTUALLY got you that FIRM, LEAN, HOURGLASS BODY that you've been striving for & mildly obsessing over?

It's your time to finally walk around in the best shape of your entire life!

"In a world full of fitness models, be an athlete" - LV

Hi, I'm Lauren Valentino. A Tru Fit Gym Franchise owner and an IFBB Professional Figure Athlete...and now as your Coach, I am ready to eliminate your stress and confusion on piecing together workouts and finding your way around the gym!

I've seen women literally work their asses off and not yield the results they deserve. I knew I needed to create a program for women that would stop this cycle of the same tired workouts and even more cardio...yielding lackluster results. For the past 14 years, I've written thousands of workouts for clients, watching them transform their bodies into their personal bests, radiating confidence and living with pride. You deserve to reap the rewards of your hard work, but I'm here to make sure you are doing the right work with the best techniques!

Partnered together, we will save you time putting you on the right path to build the best feminine physique of your entire life!


No matter what your goals are... these workouts 

will get you there!

Focused Strength Training

LV's Favorite Leg & Glute Workouts

Time-Saving Full Body Workouts

Videoed Training Routine Guides

Warmup & Stretch

Quality Recovery Guide




Through our exercise training videos and guidance, you will know exactly how to properly execute each move you're given, not just to train your body more effectively but to ensure you prevent injury.

Don't worry, we would never take you away from music while you're in the gym. Our videos are designed in a 3-8 minute format, to show you the workout format, help you identify the weights/machines that you're looking for, and exactly how to execute the move to make the most of your time. 

We show you everything you need to know, then screenshot the workout on the last screen of the video, put on your headphones, select your favorite playlist and crush your workout!

**Please note: This program is designed to be used in a gym environment, using common in-gym equipment and machines.  If you have a nice home gym set up you will be able to accomplish at least 80% of the workouts. The other 20% can be modified.

CARDIO GUIDE (Value $87)

When should I do my cardio, before my workout or after? What is the most effective form of cardio? How many days a week should I add cardio?

We answer all of these questions inside, but specific to your personal goals. You will learn how to target your ideal heart rate zone to make your cardio minutes count!


Learn how to properly recover from your workouts. Effectively manage soreness so you're ready for your next sweat sesh. I give 8 top tips that I use to treat my body well between workouts.


Have you ever hired an IFBB Figure Professional who doubles as a Nutritionist to organize your supplements for you? Well, now you have. Gain insight into what that Pros use to get and keep their fitness level hot and healthy.


This entire program meets you where you are as an athlete and your programming is mapped out from zero to hero. We're with you each step of the way so you know what to train and how often to train it.


Hey. Life happens. Sometimes you will have weeks that you can only slide into the gym 3 (or less) out of 7 days. These workouts make sure you hit every body part and don't lose the momentum you've gained. This section is organized with the proper combining of muscle groups to make sure your time in the gym is massively effective.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this program for beginners or experts?

A. We created this program to be scalable, which means whether you're a beginner or an expert these workouts will help you reach the results you want.

Q. How many days do I have to be in the gym?

A. We created training schedules for 3 days, 4 days, and 5 days in the gym, so it is completely up to you. Any schedule you choose will train all body parts within the 3, 4, or 5-day schedule.

Q. Are there video tutorials?

A. YES! Every. Single. Workout. has a video tutorial breaking down proper techniques. You didn't think we would leave that out, did you?

Q. Can I do these workouts at home?

A. Nope...unless you are lucky enough to have a full home gym. Sorry not sorry, but these workouts are designed to be done in the gym.

Q. Do I have to take supplements?

A. No of course not! But if you like to have a little extra edge on your workouts or want to reach your goals faster, then we have you covered with safe supplement suggestions.

Q. Do I have lifetime access to the program?

A. YES! 100% of these workouts are yours forever!