"All The Things Women


From the Author

I wrote this book to help eliminate confusion around nutrition. To give you the exact (easy) tools you need to be your best, to glow from the inside out with healthy skin & hair, and to feel sexy and confident in your skin.

Most importantly, I want you to experience freedom and power with your nutrition experience. 

A women's body is quite different than a man's. Our cyclical hormones make acquiring our ideal bodies a little more complex, especially if you're following a cookie-cutter nutrition plan. If you've ever dieted alongside your man then you're nodding your head with the recall of frustration, remembering him effortlessly shed 10lbs in a week, while you accomplished losing 1.8lbs mayyybe.

So, tell ya what...I'm going to take the frustration out of your nutrition experience! I'm going to save you time, money, and OH YEAH...show you how to actually get results! 

After months of work and a lifetime of education, I'm proud to share it with you... 

"All The Things Women Want"

The Ultimate Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide
To Reveal the Hottest You & Feed Your Family Too

In this book I share with you EXACTLY how to lay the nutritional and lifestyle foundation to THRIVE in a body you love! 

What Women Had To Say

"When I got my hands on this book, I was immediately motivated to make some major changes in my life! I have already implemented many of Lauren's tips and they have made such a positive change in my day-to-day life to be less stressed, be healthier and feel great. Lauren tells you how it is, and I love her humor throughout the book! This is a great book to live by - I constantly have her tips running through my head when making choices of what to eat and shop for! I recommend it for any busy woman in need of a guide to easily get on the right track to be happier and healthier in all aspects of my life!"


"Purchase the book and devoured all the informating in one evening. So many great tips, tricks, and hacks for anyone looking to get healthier! I can;t wait to start my health and wellness journey with all this new information!" 


Why Write The Book?

My goal when I started this was solely to help more women. To provide a place where I could share the information on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices that I know works. To eliminate the barrier of entry for those that wanted to be healthier, have more energy, fix hormones, or just be downright sexy!

As women, we deserve to FEEL confident and proud of the body we live in. We deserve to feel strong, and glow from the inside out with health! We deserve to feed and nourish our bodies with valuable healthy hormone supporting nutrition. These topics were the sparks that ignited my desire to put it down on paper.

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