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A Subscription Designed For Women To Get Results And Keep Them!

You're busy. You don't have time to figure it out.

That's why we thoughtfully laid everything out for you.

Here is everything you're getting:

  • 28-Day Meal Plan
  • Weekly Grocery List for 4 weeks
  • Macro-Nutrient Calculator Spreadsheet
  • Bonus #1 VIP Facebook Group Support
  • Bonus #2 Our Kitchen Essentials Guide
  • Bonus #3 Substitutions For Picky Eaters

3 Simple Steps

Step 1


Click the button below and join the tribe to get started on your journey.

Step 2


Cook the easy, cheat-meal-worthy recipes.

Step 3


Get the body and keep the body. You'll never 'start over' again!

You get all this. But also, the confidence in knowing you're on the path to becoming leaner, stronger, and sexier. For life.

PRICE: $67 Monthly

Here's What You Could Be Eating

Don't Just Take It From Us


You've Got Questions... We've Got Your Answers

Q: Do we still get live coaching by Lauren and Taylor?

A: Yes! (Seriously? Like you could rid of us?!) We'll start with weekly LIVE coaching sessions in the Wholly Fueled Fit Foodie Facebook Group. We post reminders and a question post the day before we go live so you can ask questions even if you can't join us live.

Q: Can I make food substitutions and still get weight loss and sculpting results?

A: Yes if you stick to the substitution chart we created just for you. We make sure that you're staying on plan with the right macros and micros in this substitution chart. If you choose to substitute foods on your own, outside of the chart, it's likely you will compromise your results. You can always ask about substitutions during our live weekly coaching session.

Q: How do I cancel my membership and what happens when I do?

A: We're sorry to see you go. Just contact support@whollyfueled.com to cancel your membership or tell us how we can improve your experience. You will not be charged any further fees at your current locked-in membership rate. You will then be removed from both the membership area and the Facebook Group. If you choose to rejoin in the future, you will have to rejoin at the pricing level at that time. You can not rejoin at your current locked-in rate.

Q: Is there a gluten-free meal plan version?

A: Yes. Gluten intolerance is common-if not for you, someone in your family-so we planned with care because you're cooking delicious food for everyone that gets you the sculpting results you want. We guide you with substitutions when needed.

Q: Can I do this plan if I'm lactose intolerant?

A: Hell-to-the-yes. No dairy products are in the meal plans.

Q: Is there a vegan or vegetarian meal plan version?

A: Wholly Fueled meal plans are primarily for omnivores but you can adapt recipes if you're plant-based or vegetarian. We recommend protein substitutions where necessary.

Q: Do the meal plans require exotic ingredients that I can't get locally?

A: OMG NO! Like you, we're working moms. We're already late for a meeting, behind on our kids' school project (that he just blindsided you with), and haven't shaved our legs in a week. Ain't got no time to chase down shi-shi ingredients in specialty stores.

Q: What if I'm a picky eater?

A: Not a problem! We created a picky eaters guide just for you!

We Got Your Back!

We're not just going to leave you once you subscribe! Throughout each phase of the process, you'll be hearing from us to give you tips, and motivation!

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